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Well & Wild Kids

Well and Wild Kids

NSA chiropractic care offers you a safe, gentle, drug free way to take care of your child’s health and lead them on a path to wellness. NSA care promotes the unimpeded expression of the body’s own natural healing power. When that power is unleashed the healing results can be profound.

Clinical experience and extensive research has shown that a wide range of childhood conditions may respond favourably to chiropractic care, including: asthma, gastric reflux/digestive disorders, recurrent infections, hyperactivity, learning disorders, bed wetting, sleeping problems, irritability, colic, headaches, back pain, scoliosis and poor posture.

Our expertise is in enhancing the function of the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions and systems in the body, including: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, eliminative and immune system. Any aspect of health can be impaired by stress or interference to the nervous system.

Just like the bones of the skeleton, your child’s nervous system is also developing at a rapid rate. Babies, toddlers, and young children are developing postural patterns and behavioural patterns within their nervous system that will determine how they adapt to their environment throughout life. NSA chiropractic care facilitates optimal nervous system development to give Well & Wild kids the ultimate head start in life.

There are so many health and wellness benefits of Well & Wild care for babies and children. One of our greatest pleasures in practice is taking care of entire families and even multiple generations together. Here are the top 15 reasons parents take their children to Well & Wild:

1. To give them lifelong strategies in their nervous system to better negotiate stress and challenges in their bodies and lives
2. To improve their nervous system development so that old family defence patterns do not get hardwired into their body, giving them healthier stress responses for life (the nervous system hardwires by 6 – 7 years old)
3. To calm them and bring them more inner peace
4. To help them with emotional expression and connection with others
5. To help them become more in tune with their bodies inner cues and instincts
6. To strengthen their immunity and reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness
7. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
8. To improve spinal posture and function making them more flexible and resilient
9. To recover from sports injuries, back pain, and headaches
10. To improve their ability to focus and concentrate
11. To assist with behavioral disorders and offer greater emotional wellbeing and emotional intelligence
12. To help alleviate bed wetting and anxiety
13. To help with digestive issues such as colic and constipation
14. To assist with sleep issues
15. To enhance their overall wellbeing and quality of life
….. and then there’s the giant jaffa’s!

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